Alumni Reunion Pictures - NED Engineering College

Reunions - 2018

Karachi, Feb 18, 2018 - Get-together hosted by M Ilyas
Sitting (from left): Nisar Khatib (M70), Athar Saeed (Retired Judge, NED 1966-67), Rukhsana Zuberi (M70), Amjad Hasan (M70), and Zahir Qadri (C70)
Standing (from left): Jamshed Danish (C70), M Ameen (M70),Nadir Mazhar (M70), M Ilyas (M70), and Sibte Mujtaba 'Mohsin' Kazmi (C70)

Reunions - 2017

New Jersey, Dec 10, 2017 - At ABdul Muqtadir's home in New Jersey
From left: Zaheer Qadri (C70), Mrs Qadri, Mrs Muqtadir, and Abdul Muqtadir (C70)

Calgary, Sept, 2017 - At the wedding celebration of Khalid Choudhary's dauughter
From left: Riaz M Choudhry (C70), Khalid Choudhary (C70) and Shaukat Farooq (C70)

Toronto, Sept 10, 2017 - Dinner at Munir Hussain's Home
From left: Abdul Muqtadir (C70), Munir Hussain (C70)

Karachi, July 15, 2017 - Brunch at DHA Golf Club hosted by Qasim Rizvi
From left: Amjad Hasan (M70), Khaliq Abdul Azim (E70), Zaheer Qadri (C70), Qasim Rizvi (C70)

Karachi, Apr 30, 2017 - At Mazhar Mujtaba's residence
Sitting (from left): Sibte Mujtaba Kazmi (C70), Mir Fateh Sultan (M70), Rukhsana Zuberi (M70), Fareeda Javed (E70), Athar Saeed (NED 1966-67 before leaving for law studies), Abrar Khan (M70)
Standing (from left): Zaheer Qadri (C70), Amjad Hasan (M70), Sameeh Shafi (E70), Mazhar Mujtaba (M70), M Yaseen (M70), M Ameen (M70), Jamshed Danish (C70)

Toronto, April 22, 2017 - At wedding celebration of Iqbal Memon's son
From left: Mrs Munir Hussain, Ghous Munir Hussain (C70), Iqbal Memon (C70), Mrs Iqbal Memon

Karachi, Apr 18, 2017- Sunset Club
From left: Nadir Mazhar (M70), Sameeh Shafi (E70), Sibte Mujtaba Kazmi (C70), Qasim Rizvi (C70), Mazhar Mujtaba (M70), Muhammad Ameen (M70), Amjad Hasan (M70)

Karachi, Feb 05, 2017 - At Zaheer Qadri's residence
From left: Iqtidar ul Hasan Alvi (C70), Samee Shafi (E70), Zaheer Qadri (C70), Jamshed Danish (C70), Mohammed Ashraf Dangra (C70), Ghous Munir Hussain (C70), Mazhar Mujtaba (M70), Muhammad Ameen (M70), and Amjad Hasan Siddiqui (M70)

Karachi, Jan 27, 2017
Sitting (from left): Zaheer Qadri (C70), Jamshed Danish (C70), Qasim Akhtar Rizvi (C70), Shakil Hamid (M 70), Mirza Zaheer Baig (C70)
Standing (from left): Mazhar Mujtaba (M70), Mohammad Ilyas (M70), Muhammad Ameen (M70), Abrar Khan (M70)

Reunions - 2016

Karachi, Dec 28, 2018
Sitting (from left): Mrs Yaseen, Rukhsana Zubeir (M70), Mrs Rana (Nadir) Mazhar, Mrs Nisar, Mrs Amjad Hasan Standing (from left): Mozaffar Hussain(M70), Moazzam Baig(M70), M Yaseen(M70), M Ameen(M70), Mazhar Mujtaba(M70), Nadir Mazhar(M70), Nisar Katib(M70), and Amjad Hasan(M70)

Houston, Dec 22, 2016:
From left: Ziauddin Qureshi (C70) and Hanif Karim (C70)

Karachi, Dec 13 2016. Reunion at Zaheer Qadri's Residence
From left: Zaheer Qadri (C70), Jamshed Danish (C70), Qasim Rizvi (C70) and Sibte Mujtaba 'Mohin' Kazmi (C70)

Lake Tahoe, Oct 1 2016
From left: Hanif Karim (C70) and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed (C70)

New Jersey, Sept 25 2016 at NED Eid Milan Party
From left: Muhammad Ilyas (M70) and Abdul Muqtadir (C70)

Stockton, Calif - Sept 8 2016, at Mahabat Khan Yousufzai (C70)'s Home
From left: Khushnooda Yousufzai, Angela Ahmed, H Jawaid Ahmed (C70), and Mahabat Khan Yousufzai (C70)

Karachi, Aug 12 2016 at Defence Club
From left: Nadir Mazhar (M70), Dr Muzzaffar Mahmood (M72) and Nuruddin (C66)

Karachi, Aug 10 2016 at Sunset Club
From left: Moazzam Baig (M70), Muhammad Ilyas (M70), Amjad Hasan (M70), Muhammad Ameen (M70), Haroon Rashid (M70), Mozaffar Hussain (M70), and Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Dubai, Aug 5 2016
From left: Nadir Mazhar (M70) and Anwar Zamin (C70)

July 2016 Reunion in New Jersey
From left: Abdul Muqtadir (C70) and Qasim Akhtar Rizvi (C70)

July 2016 Reunion in Elkridge, Maryland
From left: Zaheer Qadri (C70) and Abdul Muqtadir (C70)

NED 1970 Alumni at Karachi Reunion, April 2016. Note the 1970 Civil Group picture on the table.
From left: Jamshed Danish (C70), Syed Ali Ashraf (M70), Freeda (Ali) Javed (E70), Noor Ahmed Chowdhry (C70)

Reunion - 2015

Karachi, 2015:
Sitting, from left: Mazhar Mujtaba Zubairi (M70), Sibte Mujtaba 'Mohsin' Kazmi (C70), Nisar Khatib (M70), Shaukat Farooq (C70), and Amjad Hasan (M70)
Standing, from left:Sameeh Shafi (E70), Nadir Mazhar (M70), Mohammad Ameen (M70), and Zaheer Qadri (C70)

Reunion - 2014

2014 Reunion in Calgary, Canada
From left: Riaz M Choudhry (C70), Shaukat Farooq (C70) and Khalid Tanwir Choudhary (C70)
Contributed by: Khalid Tanwir Choudhary (C70)

Silver Jubilee Reunion - 1995

Karachi, December 1995 - Cutting the Cake for Silver Jubilee Reunion Celebration
From left: Amjad Hasan (M70), Nadir Mazhar (M70), Mazahirul Islam (C70), Mohammad Ameen (M70), Sameeh Shafi (E70)
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 2
From left: Jamshed Danish (C70), Mrs Jamshed Danish, Mazahirul Islam (C70), Mrs Saeeda Islam, Mrs Rana Mazhar, Nadir Mazhar (M70)
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 3
Standing, from left: Amjad Hasan (M70), Mozaffar Hussain (M70), Javed Iqbal (E70), Ahsan Ali (E70), Ashraf Tayyab (C70), Sameeh Shafi (E70)
Sitting, from left: Mrs Amjad Hasan, Mrs Mozaffar Hussain, Mrs Javed Iqbal, Mrs Ahsan Ali, Mrs Ashraf Tayyab, Mrs Sameeh Shafi
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 4
Standing, from left: Zahid Afaq Hakim (E70), , Taha Saeed (M70), Habib ullah (C70), Mohammad Ameen (M70), Hasan Saheb, AQli Ashraf (M70)
Sitting, from left: Unidentified1, Unidentified2, Unidentified3, Unidentified4, Rafeeda Hasan (E70), Unidentified5
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 5
From left: Muhammad Ilyas (M70), Ejaz Ahmed (M70), Mohammad Yasin (M70), , Rukhsana Zubeiri (M70), Qasim Akhtar Rizvi (C70), Mohsin Kazmi (C70)
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 6
From left: Latif Singhapuri (M70), Mansoor Jabbar Khan (C70), Mrs Mansoor Jabbar Khan, Mrs Zaheer Qadri, Zaheer Qadri (C70), Fazil Khatlani(E70), Dadabhai (M70)
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Karachi, December 1995 Picture 7
Standing, from left: Nisar Khatib (M70), ui2: Saeed-uz Zaman (M70), Shakil Hamid (M70), Ashraf Tayyab (C70), Athar Saeed (NED1966-?. Left before 1970 to pursue law studies)
Sitting, from left: Mrs Nisar, ui2: Mrs Saeed, ui3: Mrs Shakil, ui4: Mrs Athar Saeed
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Reunion - 1994

Karachi, Jan 1994
From left: Asas Ashraf Malik (C70), (late) Hameed Khan (M70), Nadir Mazhar (M70)
Contributed by: Nadir Mazhar (M70)